Lorina produce a wide range of horse bits to suit all riders and horses. Within the Lorina bit range are steel bits, rubber bits and flexi plastic bits in a wide range of mouthpieces across all the common types. Lorina also produce a range of stirrup irons and the accessories to go with them

Lorina Eggbutt Snaffle Bit
The Eggbutt Snaffle is probably the most widely used snaffle bit. The main benefit of this is that the eggbutt shape reduces the chance of the lip being pinched between the mouthpiece and bit ring. As you can see, the mouthpiece itself widens out at the sides, and the join between the mouthpiece and the ring is distanced from the horse's lips
Lorina Continental 2 Ring Jointed
Lorina Continental 2 Ring Jointed This is ideally used with two reins or roundings with a single rein for the best effect. Exerts poll pressure and a limited gag action.
Lorina French Link Eggbutt Bradoon
Lorina French Link Eggbutt Bradoon The French link lays across the horses tongue and bars, which is ideal for horses which do not like the nut cracker action. Can be used in dressage competitions when used as a snaffle, or in the double where permitted. Also ideal to use as a snaffle for ponies as the ring is smaller than a traditional loose ring snaffle.
Lorina Loose Ring Sweet Iron Roller Link
Lorina Loose Ring Sweet Iron Roller Link The combination of sweet iron and copper makes the bit very palatable and almost all horses will salivate and soften in response to the taste. The loose ring copper players in the centre give the horse something to think about, and often help to soothe a fussy tongued horse.
Lorina  Eggbutt Weymouth Bradoon
Lorina  Eggbutt Weymouth Bradoon  Designed to be used in conjunction with a curb bit, such as a Weymouth, to make a double bridle set.
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