We have a great selection of haynets and haylage nets for your horse at Riding Wear Online.

Lincoln Polypropylene Hay Net
Polypropylene mesh hay net with rings at the top and bottom. Available in a variety of colour
Lincoln Small Holed Hay Net
An extra large hay net. Small holed for less waste and slower consumption. Great value for money. Available in a variety of colours 
Lincoln Small Mesh Hay Net
A large, small mesh, polypropylene hay net. 4 x 4cm mesh for economical use of hay or haylage. Less waste and slow consumption. 38" diameter body with large round ring bottom and rings at the top. Available in a variety of colours
Cottage Craft Wastewatcher Haynet Large Cottage Craft Wastewatcher Haynet Large 2
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Cottage Craft Wastewatcher Haynet Reduces waste due to double net mesh, slows down fast eaters to help prevent gorging, helps promotes a healthy gut, prolongs feeding, helps reduce stable mess, saves time and money. Small - Approx 67cm x 50cm - Colour: Purple/Black Large - Approx 110cm x 85cm - Colour: Black/Blue

Cottage Craft Haynet

Harry Hall
Ideal for horses stabled overnight and made of excellent quality polypropylene. Small holes restrict hay intake and reduce wastage making this ideal for every stable. Haynet length 110cm, string length 140cm, hole size 7cm x 7cm, with 8 rings.
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