Saddle Pads & Cloths

Do what you can to protect your horse's back from friction from your saddle and movement whilst riding as well as protect your saddle from your horses sweat with our saddle pads and cloths.

Saddle Pads & Cloths
Harry Hall Hi-Viz Saddlecloth Harry Hall Hi-Viz Saddlecloth 2
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Harry Hall

Harry Hall Hi-Viz Saddlecloth

Harry Hall
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Harry Hall Hi-Viz Saddlecloth Hi Viz general purpose quilted saddlecloth.  Reflective piping and prints. White LED lights on the right hand side with three different light sequences to choose from. Wicking properties help maintain an optimum body temperature.   Battery life approximately 40 hours. 70% Polyester 30% Cotton. Colour: Yellow.
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Horseware Rambo Handy Pad

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Horseware Rambo Handy Pad  Classic original cut with patented front leg arches™ Waterproof and breathable to point of drip strip 600 denier polyester outer with a nylon and no filling
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