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NAF Biotin

NAF Biotin

Contains methionine, MSM, zinc and calcium to maintain healthy hooves.
NAF Five Star Magic
The original unique Magic formula of bio-available magnesium and carefully selected herbs has now been improved with Pre & Pro Biotics for a relaxed settled gut. New and improved Magic is now able to offer even more riders a calm and relaxed horse.
NAF Five Star Liquid
Magic is a magnesium calmer with a difference. It's a five star formula that is magnesium based, but there's more. Magic also contains a unique combination of calming herbs and nutrients known to help relax muscle tissue and support concentration. There are no tricks behind Magic. Just sound scientific nutritional and veterinary knowledge, combined with...
NAF Garlic Granules
Garlic has been shown to support the immune system and purity of blood. This garlic is chosen for it's purity and strength.
NAF Himalayan Salt Lick
NAF Himalayan Crystal Salt Licks provides 100% pure, natural rock salt. Sizes: Small or Medium
NAF In The Pink Powder
Pink Powder contains live PROBIOTIC yeast and PREBIOTICS to optimise gut function and balance the diet, allowing your horse to fully utilize his feed intake and gain perfect condition. Pink Powder is the most cost effective feed balancer you can buy. Plus, it helps your horse optimise his diet. So you feed less and save on hard feed.
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