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We offer a range of cool leg, hock and knee wraps plus magnetic leg wraps, knee boots, hock wraps and ankle wraps.

Harpley Equestrian rare earth magnets are made from Baron, Ferrite and the rare earth metal Neodymium. This alloy is formulated to hold its full strength. The high strength Neodymium magnets have a magnetic strength of 2000 gauss. This high strength means that the magnetic field will penetrate up to 6”/15cm.

ARMWICK is a superior quality, close knit, thick and warm thermal knitted fabric that wicks moisture away from the body. This 3 part fabric with thermal knitted inner and outer, sandwiching polypropylene fibres has a padded quilted pattern.

Horse Magnetic Products
Harpley Magnetic Hock Wrap Harpley Magnetic Hock Wrap 2
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Harpley Magnetic Hock Wrap (Pair)

Harpley Equestrian
Harpley Magnetic Hock Wrap (Pair) Hock Wrap made from Warmwick thermal and wicking material with 4 ‘rare earth’ Neodymium magnets placed to give maximum energy penetration.  Price per pair. Colour: Blue 
Harpley Warmwick Leg Wraps
Harpley Equestrian Warmwick Leg Wraps (Set of 4) Leg Wraps made from the original, high quality two fabric layer system for extra warmth and wicking with velcro straps covering the depth of the wrap for evenly applied pressure. Sold in sets of four.
Harpley Magnetic Bell Boots Harpley Magnetic Bell Boots 2
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Harpley Magnetic Bell Boots (Pair)

Harpley Equestrian
Harpley Magnetic Bell Boots (Pair) Bell boot made from Warmwick fabric, 3 magnets and double hook & loop fastening. Can aid in recovery from abscesses, wall cracks and possibly more serious problems such as laminitis, navicular and ring bone. Price per pair Colour: Blue 
Harpley Magnetic Halter Harpley Magnetic Halter 2
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Harpley Magnetic Halter

Harpley Equestrian
Harpley Magnetic Halter Magnetic halter made from a soft Tactile Web 2 magnets over poll
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