Ice and Circulation

The Ice-Vibe boots are an excellent cold therapy system.  For use on horses after strenuous exercise they are effective and easy to use.  The longer boots are ideal for hind legs and horses appear to be very comfortable wearing them.  An effective and user friendly way of cooling.

Ice and Horse Circulation
Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps 2
Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps Designed to relieve pain, swelling and stiffness caused by injuries, arthritis and other skeletal changes. Magnets can be placed where healing is required. Sold in Pairs
Harpley Cool Knee Boots

Harpley Cool Knee Wrap (Single)

Harpley Equestrian
Harpley Cool Knee Wrap (Single) Immerse in water for 60 minutes. The crystals turn into a soft, comforting, cooling gel, moulding to the leg, offering cold, supporting compression, which helps to reduce heat and swelling. Easily applied with comfortable elasticated Velcro straps to hot and tired legs or where cool treatment is needed. Sold singularly
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