Trivia Facts About Horses

• Horses do not have a gallbladder

• The horse has the largest eyes of any land animal

• Horse are not colour blind

• Male horses have more teeth then female horses

• Old Billy a barge horse is the oldest horse on record at the age of 62 in 1822 

• Horses cannot be sick, maybe that is why they can poo up to 14 times a day 

• Horse can stand up sleeping as they can lock the muscles in their legs to stop them falling over

• The brain of a horse is about the size of a baked potato

• The tallest horse on record was a Shire named Samson who was 21.2 hands 

• Horse have 206 bones in their body and can produce upto 10 gallons of saliva per day

• The fastest speed of a horse on record is 55 mph

• Horses cannot breathe though their mouth only their nose 

• There are more than 300 different breeds of horses and ponies around the world

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