Horse Passports

Horse Passports are required to ensure that no horses that have been treated using certain drugs enter the human food chain. We must comply with this EU Directive to ensure that key equine medicines can be used in Britain

A horse passport can be requestd at anytime and therefore your horse must have his passport with him at all times, even if the horse is just attending a local horse show. Even if the animal never leaves their field, all horses, ponies and donkeys must have an equine passport.

Below are the most common situations when an equine passport will be requested.

* When an animal is moved to new premises

* When an animal leaves or enters the UK

* When the animal is at a competition

* When an animal is sold

* When an animal is used for breeding

* When an animal has to be slaughtered

If you lose your horse passport you will need to get a duplicate by contacting:  

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