FAQ`S About Fleas (Cat and Dog)

Dogs and Cats - Flea Infestation

Fleas transmit and carry infectious agents such as tapeworms.  They also cause great discomfort to animals in the form of itching and irritation, and this if not treated can lead to more serious allergies such as dermatitis and hair loss.

Q: Do cat and dog fleas bite humans?

A: Yes,  flea bites on humans can cause small sores which will itch.

Q: Even though I have use a spot-on treatment on my dog, after 2 weeks I am still finding fleas. Why is this?

A: The enviroment where the animal lives needs to be treated as well.  If not treated eggs maybe hatching in bedding, carpets and between the cracks in skirting and floor boards and are then jumping on the dog.  Use a product that will help clear residual eggs and larvae and then vacuum

Q: Will the spot-on product reach the extremities of the animal even tough it is only applied to the skull base?

A: Yes.  A spreading agent is contained in the spot on treatment to ensure extremities are reached.

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