How To Measure Your Horse For a Rug

Fit is the key when buying any horse rug.  To measure your horse for a rug put one end of the tape measure in the centre of your horse`s chest and the other end on the horse`s buttocks where you would expect the rug to finish. 

Your horse should be able to move freely without the rug slipping and the rug should fit well over the withers and shoulders.  When fastening cross surcingles ensure that you can fit a hand`s breadth between the surcingles and the horse`s body.  Straps should be tight enough to hold the rug in place but not so tight that they cause pressure points or distort the rug`s shape.

Rush Size (feet & inches) Fits Approx (hands)
4ft 10hh-10.2hh
4ft 3in 10.2hh-11hh
4ft 8in 11hh-11.2hh
4ft 9in 11.2hh12.2hh
5ft 12.2hh13.2hh
5ft 3in 13.2hh-14hh
5ft 6in 14hh-14.2hh
5ft 9in 14.2hh-15.2hh
6ft  15.2hh-16hh
6ft 3in  16hh-16.2hh
6ft 6in  16.2hh -16.3hh
6ft 9in 16.3hh-17hh
7ft   17hh-17.2hh
7ft 3in  7.2hh-18hh
7ft 6in  18hh +
Measure Your Horse For a Rug


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